Navgrah Shanti Puja

The Navagrahas are referred to as planetoids. Our forebears recognized nine separate subspecies within this group. Because Nava represents the number 9, and Graha is a planet, this is known as Navgrah Shanti puja. Every one of the planets is associated with a unique and wonderful blessing that can be obtained through Nav Graha puja.

नवग्रह शांति पूजा के लाभ, लागत और मंदिर हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे।

Therefore, they have a considerable influence on the way we live our lives and so Navgrah puja cost should never be an issue. It is possible to take into consideration how much power the worlds have over an individual’s birth chart as well as their present transit position.

It should come as no surprise that there are temples devoted to them in the countries that make up South Asia to carry out Navgrah ki puja.

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Navgrah Shanti Pooja Benefits

In order to avoid harm and improve our knowledge, we must calm the planets, which are mighty angelic spirits. Those who participate in the Navgrah Shanti puja will receive the blessings and protection of the planets through Navgrah Shanti puja benefits, which will aid in removing negativity and bringing positive vibes into their lives.

  • Among the Navgrah puja benefits, are eradication of the negative effects caused by specific Grahas, as well as improvement of private and professional relationships falls.
  • Obtain the planets’ graces.
  • Prevents bad luck and problems as well.
  • Prevents the spread of disease and illness.
  • It also aids in the process of salvation.

Navgraha Puja Cost

The pandits do the puja of the nine planets during the Navgrah pooja. It’s done by a pair of pandits. However, the Navgrah Shanti puja cost ranges from INR 3000/- to INR 5000/-.

Navgrah Mandal Pujan Samagri

There are a number of essentials, including the Navgrah Yantra and incense and lamps as well as turmeric, camphor, and ghee. Fruits, flowers, rice, sesame oil, betel nut, pepper, sweets, and Havan Kund Samagri are also included in the list. Check the Navgrah puja online to have the list.

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Navgraha Puja Temples

Here is a list of Navgraha puja temples where the Navgrah Mandal Pujan is done to peacefully carry out the Navgraha puja:

Sun: Ravi’s Sun deity. When surrounded by other planets, he stands facing east. While the other planets stand around him facing eight different directions. Seven horses pull his one-wheeled chariot. The seven horses represent the seven colors of white light and weekdays.

Moon: It’s called Soma because it waxes and wanes. He’s never seen in full form. We observe him from the chest up with two lotus-holding hands. Ten horses pull his chariot.

Mars: Mangala is a four-armed god also named Angaraka. He holds a mace and javelin in two hands. Abhaya and varada mudras hold the other two. He drives a ram.

Mercury: Usually shown with four hands and a chariot or lion. His hands hold a sword, shield, and mace. The fourth is held in a giving gesture.

Jupiter: Brahmanaspati is extolled in various Rigvedic chants. He points with two hands from an eight-horse chariot. Eight horses indicate data branching.

Venus: Sukra is a devil’s pedagogue and the author of Sukraniti. He rides on a golden or silver chariot driven by eight horses with four hands.

Saturn: Saturn’s result and position in the planetary system make or break probability. Hindu pseudoscientists dread and idolize him.

Best Pandit for Navgrah Shanti Puja at Trimbakeshwar Nashik

According to Vedas and Shastras, there are several planets & stars; however, solely Planets (Grah) and 27stars fall into the system’s explicit bounds and seem to affect our lives depending on their position in our natal chart are measured.

These nine planets system is AN orbit known as Navgrah Mandal Pujan

Pandit Ramanand Guruji is one of the best pundits who was born and raised in Nashik’s Trimbakeshwar neighborhood. He currently resides there with his family. There are many other kinds of pooja that are performed by Panditji in the Trimbakeshwar temple.

Some examples include the maha Mrityunjay Jaap and the maha Mrityunjay Nivaran. Panditji is one of the greatest Kundali analysts in Trimbakeshwar.

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One of the things that have helped him to become one of the most revered pandits in Trimbakeshwar is because he performs the Navgraha Shanti puja, among many others, which is one of the things that he specializes in doing.

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Ramanand Guruji

Pandit Ramanand Guruji is a certified and educated pandit in Trimbakeshwar Nashik. Panditji has 17+ long periods of involvement. Trimbakeshwar Temple is a devotional spot having one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The striking trait of the Jyotirlinga uncovered here is its three appearances exemplifying Ruler Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Rudra. Nonetheless, it requires one day for Kaal Sarp dosh nivaran in trimbakeshwar. This vidhi includes Ganpati Pujan, Punayahavachan, Matruka Pujan, Naandi Shradha, Navgragha Pujan, Rudhara Kalash Pujan lastly Balipradan and Purnahuti. It requires 6 hours to complete this pooja.


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